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Another Confession

Another new pleasant news for fans of the journal: recently we received a confirmation that the journal "Economics and Business" is available in the World Information Database EBSCO, which is also one of the largest electronic books library.

This library sells up to 2 billion books a year. It includes social sciences, business, medical, law, state management, etc. directions. This circumstance is one of the best ways to provide Georgian scientists intellectual products to the world wide public.

New Member

We recently received very nice information from the United States. World-Renowned economist Gregory Mankiw, The Chief of Pr. G. Bush (Senior) Economic Council,  Professor at Harvard University, has agreed to join our journal's editorial board.

Meeting with Jeffrey D. Sachs

"The most influential economist in the world," "the world's most famous economist," "the most important economist of world" - this is about Geoffrey David Sachs, who was honored the Honorary Doctorate at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University on March 12, 2019.

Jeffrey David Sachs is a world-renowned professor of economics, author of the best-selling books, innovative teacher and world leader in the sphere of sustainable development. Before he began working at Columbia University, he was a professor at Harvard University for more than twenty years. He is the Director of the United Nations Sustainable Development Network, as well as Commissioner of the United Nations Commission on Development Issues and Special Advisor to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Professor Sachs is one of the winners of the "Blue Planet" award in 2015.

After the solemn ceremony, Professor Jeffrey Sachs delivered a public lecture for TSU students and professors.

Editorial Board Meeting

On March 5 of 2019, in the office of the Dean of Economics and Business Faculty was  held a regular session of the editorial board of the magazine "Economics and Business", where was discussed the need to add the new rubric for Georgian economic terminology in the journal and the necessity of arrangement of the literature used in the articles according to international standards.

Members of the Editorial board discussed and unanimously approved the contents of the first issue of the year 2019. They also mentioned the importance of increasing the number of articles published in English language. There has been noted also the meaning of intensively attracting of foreign authors in terms of further reporting in the international databases.

Pleasant News

We would like to share with you a great joy - our team has   received a letter that TSU journal “Economics and  Business”  gained international recognition and is   placed  in  ERIHPLUS database. This means that  articles will be considered as international publishing, which is great support for Georgian scholars. We would also like to thank the university IT specialists - Kakha Mghebrishvili and Levan Jgharkava, who have created the magazine’s website.

Editorial Board Meeting

On the 6th of December, at the office of the Dean of the Economics and Business Faculty was held a meeting of the Editorial Board of the journal "Economics and Business". The contents of the journal number 4 were discussed. The members of the board presented the reviews on articles. The decision was made to issue the jouirnal  after considering individual remarks.

New Monography

Publisher "Intellect" has published the journal "Economics and Business" editor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Elguja Mekvabishvili's monography  "Financial Crisis of Globalization Era and Georgian Economy". Editor -Doctor of Economic Sciences,  Prof. Teimuraz Beridze; Reviewers - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Revaz Gvelesiani, Acad. Doctor, Assoc. Prof. Inga Balarjishvili, Acad. Doctor, Assoc. Prof. Tamaz Zubiashvili, 287 p. The work was accomplished by Iv. Javakhishvili's house at the Department of Theoretical Economics of Tbilisi State University's Economics and Business Faculty.

The paper deals with the     origin of the globalization of   the  economy and the   regulatory of its development.   There is shown the   characteristics of the   resistance  of globalization   one  of the main   manifestations  of which is in   regional and global financial   crisis. There is characterized   the reasons for the financial   crisis in Latin America and the East Asia region and the logic of development. The impact of the East Asian crisis on the banking and currency fileds of the Georgian economy is anayzed.

The main focus is on 2007-2009 global financial crisis research. New theoretical-methodological basis for crisis research has been developed. A significant part is to analyze the challenges and treats of crisis-free development period in the global and Georgian economies. Some of their prevention measures are offered. The author's interpretation of the economy model of noncrises development and research of the theoretical-methodological and practical aspects of Georgia's effective integration into the global economy is unique.

The work is intended for higher educational insitutions students of Economic and Business Administratrion, professors, teachers and for wide range of readers interested in economic issues.

Globalization Challenges in Economics and Business

On October 26-27, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University’s Faculty of Economics and Business hosted an international conference on "Globalization Challenges in Economics and Business". There participated Georgian and foreign scientists from 11 countries. Within the framework of the conference 14 sections worked, which were headed by: Econometrics (Prof. I. Ananiashvili), Economic Policy (Assoc. Prof. I. Gogorishvili), Theoretical Economics (Prof. E. Mekvabishvili), Macroeconomics (Assoc. Prof. N. Kakulia), Microeconomics and Regional Economics (Prof. E. Kharaishvili) International Economics (Acad. A. Silagadze), Statistics (Prof. S. Gelashvili), Accounting, Audit, Analysis (Prof. L. Sabauri), Marketing (Prof. N. Todua), Tourism (Prof. I. Khelashvili), Finance and Banking (Assoc. Prof. L. Ghudushauri), Information Technology (Prof. D. Sichinava).

The plenary session was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Prof. G. Gaganidze, conference welcomed R. Kakulia, the Chairman of the Committee of   Economy and Economic Policy of the Georgia Parliament , TSU Head of Administration N. Ovsianikova, TSU Prof. E. Mekvabishvili.

The speeches were delivered by Acad. Vladimer Papava, Prof. Veronica Flamberd ( Catholic University of Lille, France) Prof. Jessek Stryn (Techno University of Rzeshchov, Poland), Prof. Tatiana Soboleva (Kyiv Vadim Hetman National Economic University, Ukraine) and TSU Prof. I. Khelashvili.

The speakers emphasized the importance of the conference and talked about the positive or negative sides of globalization, mentioned the special significance of globalization for the country as Georgia is, which faced at the latest stage of development  two challenging processes - the post-communist transformation of the country and the inclusion of the country's economy in the process of globalization - why it is necessary to develop mechanisms that will help to ensure the correctness of the globalization process in Georgia and protect our country from its negative impact.

They also discussed current economic issues, global economy challenges and the main trends of economic development. After the plenary session, the conference participants continued to work in sections, where were presented up to 120 works and articles.

At the end of the conference, the participants expressed their satisfaction and hope that such meetings will continue to be followed by further economic development of our countries.