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About journal

Referential and reviewed scientific-analytical journal "Economics and Business" is published at the base of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Economics and Business. Tbilisi University, founded in 1918, is historically the first high school in the Caucasus region.

Currently at TSU are functioning 7 faculties (precision and natural sciences, humanitarian, economics and business, medicine, social and political sciences, law, psychology and education sciences). The University offers to students 218 accredited academic programs (67 - undergraduate, 96 - master, 3 - one - level, 50 - doctoral), as well as 12 joint international and 130 exchange programs. Number of students is more than 20 000 and more than 5400 – personnel. Along with Georgian the university offers bilingual programs in English, French, German and Russian languages .

According to the University's mission, TSU research and innovative activities are a priority strategic direction, implemented by its faculties and 16 independent scientific units.

 The university research activity’s special part is publishing  the scientific journals in various fields. Among them  the journal "Economics and Business" takes one of the leading place.

The main mission  of the journal is to provide to wide society and economic management state structures the accumulated knowledge and advanced practical experience in the fields of Economic and Business, what will help to promote the economic and social development of the country.

One of the priorities of the journal is to bring out to a wide range of scientific audiences the results of the works, done by doctoral students in the process of working on dissertation.

Also the important task is to offer the professors and teachers scientific products in the process of creation and renewal of educational programs, social innovations and business; in the implementing of professional economists standards in society.

To accomplish the abovementioned tasks, in the journal are published articles as local, so foreign authors in Georgian, English, German and Russian languages in the history of theoretical economics and economic doctrines, economic policy, macro and micro economics, business and management, about actual theoretical and practical issues, reviews on newly published monographs and textbooks.

At the current stage the main attention of the journal staff and editorial board is focused on its internationalization, which includes a full English Site preparation, journal articles written in other languages ​​and the increase of foreign authors share more intensively involved, also collaboration with international bases like EBSCO, ERIH+.

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